Christmas 2016 – Wild Rose Studio Stamps & Dies

Christmas 2016 is fast approaching and these lovely designs from Wild Rose Studio are flying off the shelves.
Wild Rose Studio - new Christmas 2016 Stamps

Wild Rose Studio – new Christmas 2016 Stamps

Wild Rose Studio Foxes in Stocking Christmas 2016     

‘Foxes in Stocking’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL499
What a lovely surprise to find these bundles of fun stuffed in a stocking!

This stamp measures approximately 69 x 91mm.

‘Robins on Branch’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL497
This cute scene is sure to brighten up your Christmas cards!
Four little robins, all perched in a row – but for one of them it looks like Christmas has come early…
This stamp measures approximately 101 x 59mm.

Wild Rose Studio Snowman Family Christmas 2016 Stamp Set  

‘Snowman Family’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL496.
Get ready to make some amazing Christmas cards with this gorgeous snowman family.
It’s the ideal image to match with the greeting ‘Merry Christmas from our house to yours’
Measures approx. 66mm x 76mm.

Wild Rose Studio Penguin with Present Christmas 2016 Stamp Set   

‘Penguin with Present’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL498.
This little penguin is all ready for the festivities to start!
He’s got a fantastic-looking present to offer to all your friends and family this Christmas.
This stamp measures approximately 67 x 77mm.

Wild Rose Studio new Christmas 2016 Dies

Wild Rose Studio Christmas 2016 Reindeer Die  

NEW ‘Reindeer’ Christmas Specialty Craft Die SD074
Made in the USA by a leading manufacturer, they are made from 100% steel with a non-stick coating and are compatible with most leading die-cutting systems.
This die measures approximately 69x117mm

Wild Rose Studio – Christmas Stamps & Dies

Wild Rose Studio Ltd, a UK papercraft company, produces an exclusive range of beautiful products and inspiring products for card-making.  Over the years they have produced a fabulous Christmas range that they add to and update each year.  As we have already highlighted the new designs for Christmas 2016,  this post wouldn’t be complete without a quick mention of some of the other seasonal stamps and dies that are available for purchase – either through our website or EBay shop.

Wild Rose Studio ‘Owls on Branch’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL460.
Measures approx. 10cm x 6cm.

Wild Rose Studio Snowmen Christmas Clear Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Snowmen’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL461.
Measures approx. 9.5cm x 6cm

Wild Rose Studio Girl and Snowmas Christmas Clear Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Girl & Snowman’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL419.  Stamp measures approx. 7 x 6.5cm

Wild Rose Studio Annabelle with Gifts Christmas Clear Craft Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Annabelle with Gifts’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL261.   Stamp measures approx. 9.5 x 7cm

Wild Rose Studio Santa & Rudolph Christmas Clear Craft Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Santa & Rudolph’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL457
Stamp measures approx. 6.5 x 7cm

Wild Rose Studio Bella on Bauble Christmas Clear Craft Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Bella on Bauble’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL255. Stamp measures approx. 6 x 9cm

Wild Rose Studio First Christmas Clear Craft Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘First Christmas’ Festive Clear Stamp CL256
Stamp measures approx. 7 x 9.5 cm

Wild Rose Studio Christmas Scene Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Christmas Scene’ Festive Specialty Craft Die SD06  Die measures approx. 136 x 70mm

Wild Row Studio Row of Baubles Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Row of Baubles’ Christmas Craft Die SD035        Die measures approx. 138mm x 53mm

Wild Rose Studio Hanging Baubles Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Hanging Baubles’ Christmas Craft Die SD034   Die measures approx. 65 x 110mm

Wild Rose Studio Christmas Tree Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Christmas Tree’ Festive Craft Die SD036
Die measures approx. 85 x 115mm

Wild Rose Studio Winter Butterfly Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Winter Butterfly’ Specialty Craft Die SD029      Die measures approx. 80 x 57mm

Wild Rose Studio Snowflake Corner Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Snowflake Corner’ Christmas Craft Die SD027 Die measures approx. 70 x 105mm

Wild Rose Studio Lace Snowflake Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Lacy Snowflake’ Christmas Craft Die SD024       Die measures approx. 90 x 80mm

Wild Rose Studio Christmas Greeting Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Christmas Greeting’ Festive Craft Die SD062    Die measures approx. 112 x 70mm

Wild Rose Studio Gilded Tree Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Gilded Tree’ Christmas Specialty Craft Die SD059 Die measures approx. 95 x 65mm

Update & new arrivals @ Craft House 2016

Update well overdue, apologises as over a year has past since our last post.

Despite the blog being  quiet, we have been exceptionally busy sourcing new stock items.  These new items are in the process of being  added to our online shop outlets.  Consequently,  it is now appropriate to have a quick and long awaiting update, starting with an overview of the Wild Rose Studio 2016 craft clear stamp range. (Excluding the Christmas range which will be listed separately).

NEW Wild Rose Studio Stamps

Stamps introduced in Spring / March 2016

Bear Hugs CL485 Clear Stamp – sharing the love

Wild Rose Studio Bunny and Butterfly Stamp CL463

Bunny and Butterfly CL463 Clear Stamp – this image sums up spring.

Teddy with Flowers CL490 Clear Stamp (update)

Teddy with Flowers CL490 Clear Stamp – This adorable teddy is here with a bunch of spring flowers.

Birds on Nest CL489 Clear Stamp – This  chirpy little couple are so excited because they’ve built a nest and have a little one on the way!

Dragon and Bird CL488 Clear Stamp Set – A little bird told us that you really wanted more dragon stamps.

Dragon Flying CL487 Clear Stamp Set – flying high!   Whether you want to say happy birthday, best wishes, thank you or just a hug in a card, this little gem is sure to brighten up someone’s day.

Stamps introduced in May 2016

Cat and Moon Greetings CL495 Clear Stamp Set – giving you a fabulous selection to make gorgeous cards every time!

Mummy Fox and Baby CL492 Clear Stamp – Who could resist this adorable mummy fox with her little cub?

Halloween Cat CL491 Clear Stamp – This little cat is scooting along on his broomstick!