NEW ‘Pillow Box’ Essential Craft Cutting Die



This die is designed to help you create a beautiful pillow shaped gift box.

Die measures approximately 14cm x 11.5cm & makes a box 7.5cm(width) x 10cm (length at widest edge) x 2.5cm(depth).

To create your Pillow Box – die cut from cardstock and fold on all of the score lines to prepare for assembly. Add adhesive (we use double sided red tape) to the small tab hanging off the side of the pillow box body and fold the body in half so that it sandwiches the tab inside the box. Then fold the rounded tabs over each other to close the box.

Made in China

Compatible with all die cutting machines

Made from Carbon Steel

We have been working hard to reduce our use of plastic wrapping, and are proud to announce that this die is now packaged in 90gms paper envelope.


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