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Welcome to our new blog pages

We hope you find this blog resource useful both in terms of hearing about our products and also as a tool to share ideas.

We have for a number of years sold many of our products through other on-line media sources such as  Ebay and Etsy (as well as our own website).  Indeed this blog was previously tested under a different domain name but has recently been converted to one more associative of our third party (Ebay and Etsy) shop names.  Whilst we intend to continue selling through the various means available to us, we are introducing this blog as a more interactive resource.

In this way we feel we can really get to know our customers needs and desires thereby offering a more personalised service.  We are keen to listen to your feedback and believe that through the utilisation of a blog like this one, we can respond more directly to your views and ideas.

We have for example, struggled recently in offering more competitive postage and packaging costs.  Though we hold by our promise that we do not intend to make any profit from postage costs.  We have, however, experienced some difficulty especially when customers wanted to purchase a number of items for shipment overseas.  We now feel that by regaining control, we can reduce the influence and restrictions that selling through third parties entails.

Blog Format

We have designed the layout of the blog page to correspond (as near as possible) with that of the website. This will eventually allow for direct links between both the website and the blog, which should facilitate easy movement between the sites.  So both menus in the black (horizontal row at the top and the left hand column) link directly to the main website. This leaves all the blog information (previous posts and categories) in the right hand column in the main blog board.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service to you, so any feedback on for example aspects of the blog design, or our service in general would be greatly appreciated.

With Christmas Approaching!

Our next blog instalment will (all being well) include information of some of our festive products together with some ideas / card designs for you to try out.

Fizzy Moon Festive Fun Christmas at Craft-House | Blog
Christmas Approaching

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