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Christmas 2016 – Wild Rose Studio Stamps & Dies

Christmas 2016 is fast approaching and these lovely designs from Wild Rose Studio are flying off the shelves.
Wild Rose Studio - new Christmas 2016 Stamps

Wild Rose Studio – new Christmas 2016 Stamps

Wild Rose Studio Foxes in Stocking Christmas 2016     

‘Foxes in Stocking’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL499
What a lovely surprise to find these bundles of fun stuffed in a stocking!

This stamp measures approximately 69 x 91mm.

‘Robins on Branch’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL497
This cute scene is sure to brighten up your Christmas cards!
Four little robins, all perched in a row – but for one of them it looks like Christmas has come early…
This stamp measures approximately 101 x 59mm.

Wild Rose Studio Snowman Family Christmas 2016 Stamp Set  

‘Snowman Family’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL496.
Get ready to make some amazing Christmas cards with this gorgeous snowman family.
It’s the ideal image to match with the greeting ‘Merry Christmas from our house to yours’
Measures approx. 66mm x 76mm.

Wild Rose Studio Penguin with Present Christmas 2016 Stamp Set   

‘Penguin with Present’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL498.
This little penguin is all ready for the festivities to start!
He’s got a fantastic-looking present to offer to all your friends and family this Christmas.
This stamp measures approximately 67 x 77mm.

Wild Rose Studio new Christmas 2016 Dies

Wild Rose Studio Christmas 2016 Reindeer Die  

NEW ‘Reindeer’ Christmas Specialty Craft Die SD074
Made in the USA by a leading manufacturer, they are made from 100% steel with a non-stick coating and are compatible with most leading die-cutting systems.
This die measures approximately 69x117mm

Wild Rose Studio – Christmas Stamps & Dies

Wild Rose Studio Ltd, a UK papercraft company, produces an exclusive range of beautiful products and inspiring products for card-making.  Over the years they have produced a fabulous Christmas range that they add to and update each year.  As we have already highlighted the new designs for Christmas 2016,  this post wouldn’t be complete without a quick mention of some of the other seasonal stamps and dies that are available for purchase – either through our website or EBay shop.

Wild Rose Studio ‘Owls on Branch’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL460.
Measures approx. 10cm x 6cm.

Wild Rose Studio Snowmen Christmas Clear Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Snowmen’ Christmas Clear Craft Stamp CL461.
Measures approx. 9.5cm x 6cm

Wild Rose Studio Girl and Snowmas Christmas Clear Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Girl & Snowman’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL419.  Stamp measures approx. 7 x 6.5cm

Wild Rose Studio Annabelle with Gifts Christmas Clear Craft Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Annabelle with Gifts’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL261.   Stamp measures approx. 9.5 x 7cm

Wild Rose Studio Santa & Rudolph Christmas Clear Craft Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Santa & Rudolph’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL457
Stamp measures approx. 6.5 x 7cm

Wild Rose Studio Bella on Bauble Christmas Clear Craft Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘Bella on Bauble’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL255. Stamp measures approx. 6 x 9cm

Wild Rose Studio First Christmas Clear Craft Stamp

Wild Rose Studio ‘First Christmas’ Festive Clear Stamp CL256
Stamp measures approx. 7 x 9.5 cm

Wild Rose Studio Christmas Scene Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Christmas Scene’ Festive Specialty Craft Die SD06  Die measures approx. 136 x 70mm

Wild Row Studio Row of Baubles Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Row of Baubles’ Christmas Craft Die SD035        Die measures approx. 138mm x 53mm

Wild Rose Studio Hanging Baubles Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Hanging Baubles’ Christmas Craft Die SD034   Die measures approx. 65 x 110mm

Wild Rose Studio Christmas Tree Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Christmas Tree’ Festive Craft Die SD036
Die measures approx. 85 x 115mm

Wild Rose Studio Winter Butterfly Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Winter Butterfly’ Specialty Craft Die SD029      Die measures approx. 80 x 57mm

Wild Rose Studio Snowflake Corner Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Snowflake Corner’ Christmas Craft Die SD027 Die measures approx. 70 x 105mm

Wild Rose Studio Lace Snowflake Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Lacy Snowflake’ Christmas Craft Die SD024       Die measures approx. 90 x 80mm

Wild Rose Studio Christmas Greeting Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Christmas Greeting’ Festive Craft Die SD062    Die measures approx. 112 x 70mm

Wild Rose Studio Gilded Tree Christmas Craft Die

Wild Rose Studio ‘Gilded Tree’ Christmas Specialty Craft Die SD059 Die measures approx. 95 x 65mm

Wild Rose Studio Products – New to Craft-House

Announcing the arrival of a fabulous range of Wild Rose Studio products at Craft-House.


We are continually looking at expanding our range of products.  Therefore it is with great excitement that we can now introduce some of our festive collection of superb craft products from Wild Rose Studio.


First Christmas

Wild Rose Studio ‘First Christmas’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL256

This is a wonderful stamp for Christmas – it’s so cute you can use it for anyone, but we think it will be especially good for a ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ card.

Stamp measures approx. 7 x 9.5 cm



Wild Rose Studio ‘Snowmen’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL461

It’s time for cuddles in the snow for this snowman family.  The snowy scene won’t take too much trouble to colour and a little glitter will finish it beautifully…

Stamp measures approx. 9.5 x 6cm


Posting Letters

Wild Rose Studio ‘Posting Letters’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL262

Annabelle has Christmas cards to post.  With a snow covered postbox, little robins and holly detail, this stamp is sure to give a festive feel.

Stamp measures approx. 9.5 x 7cm


Girl and Snowman

Wild Rose Studio ‘Girl & Snowman’ Christmas Clear Stamp CL419

This girl has made a new friend in the snow.   This pair will be a lovely sight to see on your cards this year.     Stamp measures approx. 7 x 6.5cm


Printed Panels:

If you love the Wild Rose Studio images but are not so confident at stamping, then the following printed panel packs are just perfect for you.  Each pack is printed on 105mm squares of 300gsm card. The pack includes 4 designs, with 8 coloured images (2 of each design) and 4 black and white images (1 of each).  Each panel measures approx. 10.5 x 10.5cm
Wild Rose Studio ‘Annabelle & Antoine’ Christmas  Panels CP011


Wild Rose Studio 'Bluebell a Christmas' Printed Panels CP012

Wild Rose Studio ‘Bluebell a Christmas’ Printed Panels  CP012


Wild Rose Studio 'Reindeer' Christmas Printed Panels CP018

Wild Rose Studio ‘Reindeer’ Christmas Printed Panels CP018



Wild Rose Studio ‘Xmas Bella’ Printed Panels CP005


Paper Packs:

Finally,  introducing Wild Rose Studio’high quality 6″ x 6″ co-ordinated paper packs.  Each of the packs contains 36 sheets (12 designs in each pack).


Wild Rose Studio ‘Annabelle’s Christmas’ Paper Pack PP030

This gorgeous collection features rich poinsettia reds and holly greens with little berries and festive foliage.  They’re a perfect match for the Annabelle’s Christmas range of stamps. 


Woodware Clear Magic Stamps | Back In Stock

Woodware Clear Magic Craft Stamps have been flying off the shelves.  We are continually monitoring our stock levels to meet this demand and are now able to offer direct purchase from our website with free UK 2nd class postage.  This is in line with the service we currently provide through our Ebay shop.

Here are a sample of the most popular stamps recently re-stocked, together with examples of their use for card-making:

Woodware Christmas JGS418aWoodware Christmas JGS418b

Woodware ‘Holly Tree’ Christmas Clear Stamp JGS418£6.25

Contains 3 stamps  – Main stamp measures approx. 8 x 8.5cm


NEW Woodware 'Bethleham' Christmas Clear Stamp JGS279

Christmas Card Craft Ideas – 1

Christmas Card Craft Ideas – 1

This is the first of my Christmas card craft ideas.  Using simple rubber stamp techniques I will provide step by step instructions to produce this beautiful, yet easy to make Christmas card.

Woodware Christmas Card Craft Ideas |Project 1 @ Craft-House

Basic resources for this card:

  • A4 white card stock or a DL sized card with a smaller approx. 21cm x 8cm piece of white card.
  • Coloured Card stock. I’m using red to match the colour of my pen. The card needs to be about the same size or slightly larger than your small piece of white card.
  • Woodware ‘All about Christmas’ FRS302 Clear Stamp and Acrylic Block to fit the stamp (both currently available for purchase here).
  • Black Ink Pad – I’ve used a Jet Black StazOn Pad but that’s just my preference.
  • Coloured Pens – Red and Black.
  • Also I recommend a good , clean work surface. I use the Woodware ‘Hot Stuff Mat’ to protect my table, especially as I’m using StazOn fast drying solvent (permanent) ink.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A4 trimmer – especially useful if you haven’t already got a DL sized card.
  • Double sided mounting tape.
  • Red ribbon bow for decoration.

Basic Resources for Christmas Card Craft Ideas|project 1

Step 1 – Cut your white card to size

To make a DL size card cut from a piece of A4 a card measuring 21cm x 21cm and fold in half. The remainder of the card is then about the right size for your small piece.

Cut White Card | Cristmas Card Craft Ideas | project 1

Step 2 – Ink-up

Take the Woodware ‘All about Christmas’ stamp and position it on your clear acrylic block.  Then after protecting your working area, ink-up your stamp by firmly pressing your ink pad all over the stamp. Ink up Stamp | Christmas Card Craft Ideas | project 1

As noted, my preference (when not embossing an image) is to use StazOn, but my ink pad was slightly dry so I applied re-inker to the pad.

Re-inker | Christmas Card Craft Ideas | 1 project

Step 3 – Stamp image

Carefully place you inked stamp over the white card and firmly press down.  Ensure you evenly apply enough pressure. This is quite a large stamp and it may take some practice to get the perfect image.

Stamp Image | Christmas Card Craft Ideas | project 1

Step 4 – Clean your stamp

As I’ve used StazOn I recommend the StazOn cleaner, if however you’ve used a pigment or dye-based ink pad then washing up liquid usually works for me.  More information about the different types of ink pad available here.

StazOn Cleaner | Christmas Card Craft Ideas | Project 1

Step 5 – Colour image

My image wasn’t as good as I wanted, so if a few of the areas need more definition, very carefully apply black pen to those areas. Then colour the letters and border with your choice of colour – I used red here, but in the past I have created both a green version and a darker, almost burgundy red one.

Colour with pen | Christmas Card Craft Ideas | project 1

Step 6 – Mount image

Trim the stamped image to leave a small (approx. 2mm) border around the outer side.

Finished coloured image | Christmas Card Craft Ideas | project 1

Then trim a co-ordinating coloured piece of card (red in my case) to 20.5 cm x 7.5cm. Apply mounting tape to both pieces of card.

Mount tape | Christmas Card Craft Ideas | project 1


Stick the coloured card to your pre-cut and folded DL sized card as shown in the photo, then the stamped image card on the top.

Stamped image mounted on card | Christmas Card Craft Ideas | project 1


Step 7 – Finishing touches

Add a ribbon bow as an embellishment – iron with straighteners if necessary.

Red Ribbon |Christmas Card Craft Ideas | Project 1

I used a glue dot in this instance for a quick fix – but when batch making cards I would normally recommend a hot glue gun.

Glue dot on ribbon | Christmas Card Craft Ideas | project 1

Sit back and admire your finished work:

Woodware Craft @ Craft-House | Christmas Card Craft Ideas


Woodware Christmas Craft Collection Stamps

Woodware Christmas @ craft-house-uk

It is no surprise to see the Woodware Christmas Craft Collection being so popular in the run up to this 2015 festive season.

Here are just a few of the fabulous designs we are stocking this year.  A click on each of the pictures will provide further details and a link for purchase.

We will be adding more as they become available so watch this space.

Fizzy Moon Christmas Stamps

Christmas with Fizzy Moon

We are in the process of updating our website so that it corresponds with all (and more) that we have on offer for sale on other web sites (specifically those on our Ebay shop) so please bear with us.

In the meantime I thought you might like to know that we have recently added a range of stamps from the Fizzy Moon Festive Fun collection at a very reasonable price of £0.99 each (currently with free UK p&p on these items -see additional notes). Click on the picture to purchase from this range.

Examples of some of the stamped images:

(clicking on each picture will directly link to the corresponding stamp for purchase on our website)

Fizzy Moon FZXCS012 @ Craft-House

Fizzy Moon FZXCS014 @ Craft-House
Fizzy Moon FZXCS014 Sledging
Fizzy Moon FZXCS007 @ Craft-House
Fizzy Moon FZXCS007 Presents
Fizzy Moon FZXCS006 @ Craft-House
Fizzy Moon FZXCS006 Sign
Fizzy Moon FZXCS011 @ Craft-House
Fizzy Moon FZXCS011 Sack


We have noted in a previous post that we do not intend to make a profit from postage and packaging – we stand by this promise.

To ensure that postage costs are as accurate as can be we have included a system of calculating costs on the basis of the weight of the total purchases in the shopping basket.


We accept that on occasions, errors will be made. In the case of an overcharge of postage, provided you have paid by our recommended Paypal method, we WILL refund any overpayment. We have particularly made mention to this here as we are at present offering our clear stamp range as free UK p&p. Unfortunately the automatic calculation of shipment costs doesn’t currently allow for this – so in these instances you will qualify for a refund.