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Bunny Sunrise easter die

It’s a long time since I did step by step instructions so by popular request here’s a quick run down of a simple die cut Easter Card made by using Wild Rose Studio’s Bunny Sunrise specialty craft cutting die.

Basic resources for this card:

  • A4 white card stock or an A5 sized card with a smaller card piece of approx. 18cm x 13cm piece of white card. ( I used a separate A5 piece which I trimmed down to size after using the die cut).
  • Coloured Card stock for the background. I’ve used a graduated design background to give the effect of a sunrise, but a patterned or block colour of choice will still look nice. The background card needs to be about the same size or slightly smaller than your small piece of white card.
  • Wild Rose Studio ‘Bunny Sunrise’ SD068 Easter cutting die (this is currently available for purchase here).
  • A die cutting machine – I use the Gemini Multi Media from Crafter’s Companion.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A4 trimmer – is useful but not essential.
  • Glue or double sided tape.
  • Ribbon and bow for decoration.

Step 1 – Cut your white card to size

To make your A5 card just fold your A4 card in half.
Then take your smaller piece of card ready for the cutting die.

Step 2 – Die cutting

Place the cutting die in the centre of your smaller piece of card.

You can use a low tack adhesive tape to secure the die in place but I opted instead to have a slightly larger piece of card instead, and then trimmed the edges to the required size – I suppose this is just down to personal choice. The cut out the die using the manufactures instructions for your machine.

Step 3 – Separate Bunny Sunrise die from card

As with all die cutting, the card used very much determines how fiddly removing the die from the card actually is. I tend to use a 250 – 300gms as a card stock for die cutting projects such as this one.

I use a generic sewing pin gently inserted into the release holes to ease the card from the die.

Step 4 – Background

Choose , cut to size and fix background to the cut out image. As noted I opted for a graduated coloured image (designed on the laptop and printed on photo paper) to give the sunrise effect, but even a plain blue as shown above or maybe a pale sky blue colour would still give the impression of a landscape scene.

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

Finish off with a coordinated ribbon and small bow glued to your die cut card image. Then mount onto your A5 card. I also added a green insert.

All done and as they say “jobs a good’un” 😀